Dreams can come true.

The day emerges colourless and gradually colours begin to appear, as do noises. First the Dawn Chorus and as I walk close to a thicket spiked with gorse bushes the yellow jumps out as the first of colours. On the edge of the wood a woodpecker drums out his greeting which echos around the hill. Pheasants call like a creaky gate as they take to the wing to flee the wastelands which green up slowly as daylight creeps around.

 Lambing is over now and just one goat to kid, we hope. Our dexter heifer due in a few weeks has been looking very round and a few days ago the Goatherd insisted that we go to check her first thing as she had dreamed that she found a golden coloured girl calf in the field. I had been looking at Tulips udder just the previous day and it was forming well with plenty of rounding off to do in the next month. So we went and found the two dexters and the donkey looking shocked at this intrusion so early in the day. As Tulip is black and so is the bull she went to, a golden calf would be possible but not that likely though the bull carries red. I prefer dun and could still kick myself for selling the only dun heifer I bred several years ago. The Goatherd favours red which I find a bit too flashy. All was normal in the field so we left them all to slumber.

 A couple of days later I was driving along the lane to do the morning patrol at around 5am and noticed a pile of earth on the side of the road, too big for a rabbit hole so maybe a fox or badger has been excavating here. As I got closer Ithought it was a dead cat, its body twisted awkwardly and not the right shape for a cat. As I drew up alongside the mass in the lane I was confronted with a newborn calf, all clean and dried and as I  picked up the bundle it had a full belly. Tulip began to bellow on hearing me and there was evidence of where the new baby had slipped down the steep bank, probably having fallen asleep against the fence at a point that the fencing was lifted slightly and slipped underneath. The bank at this point is at least 12 ft down to the lane and thank goodness it was me that found her, oh yes its a girl. Tulip was delighted to be reunited with the tiny scrap who though small, was full of life. I watched as mum checked baby over and cleaned her up to make her smell just right. As I left them to carry on my rounds I looked back at the pair, the calf standing out from mum with her golden red coat and pink nose and tiny pale feet.

 And flashy?   No, she is just perfect, I know and her mum says so.

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