A bit about my life

I live in a small hamlet, nestled on the side of a hill in The Shires, twixt two rivers which form a border between two countries.

 I keep a smallholding and I am a registered grazier on the local common where I graze my flocks and herds.

 My sheep provide wool for spinning and feltmaking, skins for rugs and meat for us. My black housecow gives us a calf every year and milk for butter and cheese. My goats provide kids and milk, extra useful when the cow is dry. My geese, ducks and hens give us eggs and meat for the table. I have rabbits who keep the table supplied with meat too.

 We use the manure to feed our vegetable garden and the trimmings and garden weeds give the animals a fresh “bite”.

 We have donkeys to help carry branches and fircones from the local woodland for feeding the stoves which provide us with heat for cooking, hot water and to make the house cozy in winter.

 What more could anyone really want?

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